Monday, January 8, 2007

I'm lucky I escaped that Starbucks alive...

I'm a member of two critique groups, one online that operates weekly year-round, not even breaking for Christmas, and an in-person one that meets Monday nights at a local Starbucks and does break for holidays and the like. What with our various Christmas/Hannukah/New Year's travels, tonight was the first night we'd met in over a month.

I couldn't remember exactly what scene I'd taken the last time we met, though I knew it was from somewhere in The Inconvenient Bride's extended ball scene. (TIB is a fairly classic marriage of convenience story set at Regency house party, so there naturally HAS to be a ball.) So I guessed.

Turns out I skipped about 20 pages. The 20 pages wherein my hero and heroine are caught in a compromising situation and forced to become engaged. (Told you it was a classic Regency story.) My critique partners did NOT appreciate being deprived of smooches and high drama.

Time to email them what they missed....

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