Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Original Miss Honeyford (Book #22)

Back in high school, I read Regency romances like The Original Miss Honeyford (Marion Chesney, 1985) by the dozen. These old-school Regencies are different from most modern ones--more emphasis on quirky historical trivia (and, occasionally, deeper history), more details of fashion, generally more of a period tone--so I pursue them in used bookstores and the library's paperback rack. I don't enjoy them quite as much as I did as a teen. I've grown more jaded and more aware of recycled plot devices, cliched character types, etc. But they're still very good fun and enjoyable light reading.

Miss Honeyford is a well-executed typical 1980's Regency. The young heroine (aged 19) is a tomboyish hoyden who needs to be tamed and taught to appreciate the value of pretty dresses and ladylike behavior. The somewhat older hero (aged 30) is jaded but can't help saving the heroine from the worst consequences of her impulsiveness, discovering she's Not Like All the Other Girls in the process.

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