Sunday, March 25, 2007

(Golden) Heartless

Well, it sounds like all the Golden Heart finalist calls have gone out, and my phone hasn't rung all day, so The Sergeant's Lady didn't make the cut. I'm fine with that, for the most part. It does sting a tiny bit, though--it's very much the "book of my heart," so even more than normal I want everyone who reads it to fall in love with it. And obviously, my judges didn't. Oh well. Now I'll just look forward to starting my new book (after we move next month) and going to the Historical Novel Society conference in June.


Keira Soleore said...

I'm sorry to hear about this, Susan. I was watching out for your name in the lists all day, too. Good to hear that you're moving on to your next book. Is it going to be the Carribbean setting story?

Susan Wilbanks said...

I don't have a Caribbean story--must be someone else. I'm going to try my hand at an alternate history set in a version of the Napoleonic Wars where things are a little...different. If that goes well, I'll stick with it for awhile, but I've also got more-or-less developed ideas for a series of Peninsular War mysteries and a historical novel or series set in ancient Greece.

Tess said...

Sorry to hear you didn't final :( I know for sure I didn't judge your work. Wish I had.

Have fun at the HNS conference!!! I sooooooo wish I was going (I went to the one in SLC), but with our new house being built, we just can't swing it financially. Would have been fun to meet you!