Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lord Ashford's Wager (Book #65)

Lord Ashford's Wager (Marjorie Farrell, 1994) is a traditional Regency romance--lately my favorite form of romance to read. I've read a few of Farrell's books so far and always enjoyed them. She's not a typical romance writer--her love stories are almost afterthoughts to the history she works into her books and the journeys of personal growth made by her heroes (more so than her heroines). This book is no exception. It's all about how the hero conquers his gaming addiction and clears himself of suspicion for a crime he didn't commit. The Bow Street Runner who leads the investigation is almost as prominent a character as the hero, and more so than the heroine.

It's not a book for every romance reader, but I enjoyed it a lot and will continue to seek out Farrell's backlist.

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