Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Time To Fight (Book #69)

(Standard statement for posts of this type--I don't blog about politics, except insofar as my reading diary touches upon such issues.)

I've been impressed with Jim Webb since I first heard about him in the run-up to the 2006 elections. He's not a humble man (are there humble senators?), but he has a combination of integrity, honor, and independence that I find highly admirable. Also, as someone who shares his Scots-Irish cultural and ethnic background, I just recognize him. He reminds me of the men in my family, stubborn, contrary, and noble.

A Time to Fight (2008) is his most recent book, and it discusses what he views as the biggest problems facing America, such as the widening gulp between not just rich and poor, but also rich and middle class, and the decline in open, honest political debate within the government and society at large. As far as I'm concerned, he's spot on, especially in Part 2, where he delves into specific issues, including a lengthy section on America's post-WWII wars and the shift in relative control between civilian and military leadership.

Webb recently removed himself from the Obama veepstakes. I don't know why--it could simply be that his history of outspokenness makes him too risky a choice, and he knows it. But having read this book, I think he'd rather stay in the Senate, where he can do his part to help restore a healthier balance between the three branches of government. And I wish him all the best in his efforts.

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