Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My husband knows me well

I just got a new laptop--not a family laptop to replace a broken/outdated one, but MY computer, one for me to do my writing and researching on. (Which, uh, makes us a four computer household. Two laptops, two desktops.)

Anyway, I'd already decided what I wanted to name it, even though it would go against my husband's pattern of naming our machines after collegiate mascots, sports figures, etc. So when I came in from picking up our daughter from daycare to discover my husband already had the computer out of its box and was setting it up, I asked if I got to name this one. He said he already had. I asked what, expecting it to be my high school mascot or a prominent Mariner or somesuch. He then asked what I'd planned to call it.

"Wellington," I said.

He grinned. "I named it Wellie."


Christine E. said...

This is adorable and sweet, Susan. I take it the name refers to the 1st Duke of Wellington, on whom I've long had a historical crush?

Susan Wilbanks said...

Yes, indeed! Wellington is the protagonist of my alternative history WIP, and I've got more than a bit of a historical crush on him myself. I think in one conversation I actually referred to him as my Secret Dead Boyfriend...