Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Outfit yea or nay?

The clothes I ordered for Easter arrived today, and half of them are going back, including the crisp white blouse that gapes just a tad too much for safety pins to inconspicuously fix and the blue skirt that's a lot darker IRL than it appeared online. The sandals work nicely, and I like the cherry tiered skirt I got--only problem is finding something to wear it with! I have a black blouse it looks gorgeous with, but it's not an Eastery color and it's a tad too sheer for church.

So, this was the one option I came up with that might keep me from a frantic shopping trip on Friday or Saturday. My husband doesn't think it works but my daughter does. My husband is maybe a little too shy of anything flamboyant or an unusual color combination...OTOH, my daughter is five, so I probably shouldn't be listening to her fashion opinions yet!

Thoughts? The pictures make the skirt look a tad redder than it is. It's a deep cherry pink.


Cara King said...

My thoughts are way too late to be useful, Susan, but I love that combo! Did you wear it?


Susan Wilbanks said...

I did wear it, Cara. I got some compliments on the shirt, but nothing specific to the combo.