Sunday, December 13, 2009

Book blogging catch up

As it turns out, finishing one job and starting another eats all of your time, both for reading and for blogging about it. I've only managed to finish two books in the past two weeks.

Waiter Rant (Steve Dublanica, 2009) is yet another book from a blog, this one the story of a man who drifts into a career as a waiter. Apparently his blog is mostly humorous restaurant war stories, but the book is a little bit of that plus meditation on how the author, who started out as a Catholic seminarian, ended up where he did. Since I've been wrestling with the question of vocations/mission in life vs. finding reasonable satisfaction in a day job myself, I enjoyed reading someone else around my age dealing with the same questions.

The Kingdom of Carbonel (Barbara Sleigh, 1961), is the second book in the Carbonel trilogy of children's books about a girl and a boy who find themselves involved in the intrigues of Cat Country in 1950's England. A good read if you enjoy Narnia and/or Harry Potter

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