Sunday, February 21, 2010

Of Wimseys and Wellesleys: Lords (but not Dukes)

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Chris said...

Umm... I hate being pedantic about this sort of thing, but At the lower ranks of the peerage, a lord's title is often the same as his last name. John Smith becomes Baron Smith, addressed as Lord Smith. is actually a little misleading, in case you're planning to write about it.

A baron's title can be the same as their name (this also happens rarely in the upper reaches of the peerage as well, e.g. Earl Spencer), but what is much more common is that the baron or viscount has another title, but is simply known as Lord/Lady Smith.

This is the case even with modern political life peerages. The present UK Attorney General, Patricia Scotland is a working lawyer who was given a title because she wasn't an MP, but they wanted to give her the job. She is universally referred to as Baroness Scotland, but she is, in fact Baroness Scotland of Asthal (wherever that is).

Nelson was actually Viscount Nelson of the Nile (after the battle) and Burnham Thorpe.

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