Friday, December 7, 2007

Under the Mistletoe (Book #121)

I bought Under the Mistletoe (Mary Balogh, 2006) last Christmas, but didn't get around to reading it till this year. It's a collection of five Christmas stories, either long short stories or short novellas, mostly collected from multi-author Christmas anthologies Balogh has participated in over the years. (One story is new for this volume.)

Individually the stories are all good, but I think multi-author anthologies work better, because I was starting to overdose on Balogh's style and favorite themes by the middle of the volume (which isn't a criticism--I make a point of never reading more than one book by the same author per month, because otherwise I burn out on the sameness). Or, you know, I guess I could've read them individually over several weeks instead of all at once.

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