Friday, January 11, 2008

Gentlemen of the Road (Book #2)

I've never read anything by Michael Chabon before, but the subject of Gentlemen of the Road (2007)--Jewish adventurers on the Silk Road about 1000 years ago--made me pick it up. It's a quick, engaging read, a somewhat stylized and deliberately over-the-top swashbuckler. It would film beautifully.

Chabon's working title was Jews with Swords, which just charms the heck out of me. And I'm jealous of him, because the book has old-fashioned illustrations--you know, the ones with full-page drawings of a scene from the book and an identifying line from the text? If I'm ever a famous and powerful author, I'm going to get that in some of my books, because it's just so retro cool.

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