Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Voyage Long and Strange (Book #60)

A Voyage Long and Strange (Tony Horwitz, 2008) is a history/travelogue wherein Horwitz traces European explorers and settlers of North America from the Vikings to the Pilgrims and visits sites associated with them to see if and how they're remembered. It's consistently interesting and often amusing, and it inspired me to put his earlier book, Confederates in the Attic, on my holds list.

Yesterday I was reading this book while waiting for a notoriously slow elevator. When the lift at last arrived, I walked on still reading. One of my fellow passengers gave me an odd look and said, "Life is too short." I gave him an odd look back. Yes, I know, I read obsessively. Most people don't read on elevators. But...I'm somehow missing out on Real Life by reading a book in an elevator I ride in on a regular basis? It's not like I was reading it by the Grand Canyon or immersed in it while watching a no-hitter live, you know?

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Anonymous said...

Your comment next time should be, "Life is too short to stop learning." I would encourage you to continue to read in elevators, or anywhere else you want!