Sunday, September 27, 2009

Little Men

I've been getting free and cheap downloads of classics and reading them on my iPhone's Kindle app lately. Mostly I've been reading old favorites, but after revisiting Little Women, I decided to get Little Men and Jo's Boys, neither of which I've ever read.

Little Men is a soothing read, just what I'm looking for an iPhone book, i.e. something I read in short snatches while waiting in lines or late at night when I'm having trouble falling asleep. That said, Louisa May Alcott's preachy strain, which shows up to some degree in all her books, is on steroids here, and none of the new young characters are as engaging as Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy, and Laurie.

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Rose Lerner said...

If I remember correctly, I liked Little Men but found Jo's Boys totally unbearable for exactly the preachiness you're talking about. But I can't remember ANY specifics. I'm curious to see what you think of that one!