Friday, April 20, 2007

Quick update

Just a quick update on my life...

My mom had surgery last week. Unfortunately, the surgeon discovered her lung cancer was stage 3, rather than stage 2 as we'd hoped, and he removed her entire right lung. She's now home recovering, with two of my aunts taking care of her. Her doctors are waiting for her to recover before determining a course of treatment, but chemotherapy is normally indicated for stage 3, and I know she's wary of that because of what my dad went through with chemo for the lung cancer that ultimately led to his death two years ago.

I talked to her tonight, not saying anything about the cancer beyond discussing how she feels today. Mostly I talked about our move, what the daughter is up to, and so on. She seemed to be in pretty good spirits, and at this point I suppose it's just a waiting game. Prayers and good thoughts are, of course, appreciated.

We're now mostly moved into our new place. The movers came yesterday and took care of our furniture, but there's still a lot of stuff to pack at the old place, including, unfortunately, almost the entire contents of our kitchen. We've been working since the beginning of the month on getting ready, but we'd been there for eight years, accumulating a lot of stuff in the process, so I think we underestimated how long it would take to pack everything. But I'm happy in the new place, at least so far. We'd been uncomfortably cramped pretty much since our daughter was born three years ago. The new place has almost double the square footage, so I'm just walking around glorying in the space.

So. Those are my joys and sorrows, at least the main ones. Hopefully I'll have regular reading time again soon, and once May 1 gets here and we have to turn over the keys to the old place whether it's pristinely clean or not, I'm starting a new manuscript. I haven't written since the first week of March, and I'm itching to tell stories again.

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