Friday, June 8, 2007

Conference update #1

Back in my hotel room after 1st evening of conference. No workshops tonight, just welcome banquet with Bernard Cornwell as keynote speaker. The organizers had a history quiz with books as prizes before his speech, and believe it or not I won on one of the local interest upstate New York questions. I read the Little House books into tatters as a child, so I knew Almanzo's hometown (Malone, NY).

Afterward I met Michele Young from the Beau Monde group in the bar, but we didn't stay terribly long because the band was so loud we could hardly hear ourselves think, much less talk. It would've been just right for playing a large wedding in a spacious auditorium, but it was obnoxious in a small bar. BACKGROUND music, people. Background.

Tomorrow, workshops, including the 11:00 a.m. session where I wish I could attend all four of them: Americans Writing English Settings, Putting the Who in Whodunit: Historical Forensics, Fictionalizing the Already Famous, and Finding the Story in History. Must clone self overnight.


Tess said...

Yay - someone blogging from Albany :) Wish I was there - the banquet sounds like it was fun.

Hope you enjoyed the workshops. The ones in SLC two years ago were great.

Hope your flights back are better.

Anonymous said...

So which one did you pick?!? They all sound interesting, but I hope you chose "Fictionalizing the Already Famous" (so that I can hear about it).


Susan Wilbanks said...

I did Fictionalizing the Already Famous, but it really wasn't as useful as I'd hoped. It was just kind of unfocused somehow, at least to me.