Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Big Boned (Book #22)

Big Boned (Meg Cabot, 2008) is the third, and I believe the last, in Cabot's frothy mystery series about an ex-pop star turned assistant dorm director. As usual with Cabot, this is a well-tuned fun read with a solid voice, but I did think the romance subplot got short shrift and was too hastily resolved.


Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

I agree Susan. I had a hard time believing that things turned out so well for Heather so fast. It seemeded like there should have been more struggle. But I love the mystery element, although I doubt I would want to enroll at that college since so many people seem to die. It's like the camp in the Friday the 13th movies.

Susan Wilbanks said...

Yeah, I think the series almost needed a fourth book to give Heather more time to resolve her romance and career/educational plans.