Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Books

My husband knows to buy me books as at least part of my Christmas present every year, and this year he got me all books--which was just right, since I've been taking part in the "Buy a Book, Save the World" campaign that's been going around a lot of writer-agent-editor online communities ever since publishing got caught up in the general economic downturn a few weeks ago. I've bought books for everyone on my gift list who even sorta kinda reads, and I wanted to get books even more than I normally do.

We went ahead and opened presents for the three of us tonight, partly because we're flying out Tuesday morning and partly because we hoped it would improve our daughter's mood. We're having something of a Snowpocalypse in Seattle, and though we've managed to get out of the house a little between storms, the girl has cabin fever. It seems to have worked, too--she's a lot less bored and cranky with her new play tent up in her room and her stuffed animals tucked in her new doll bed.

And I got to unwrap a big stack of books. My favorite was a new Complete Jane Austen, since a previous edition was my very first Christmas present from my now-husband the first Christmas we were dating. But I'm also happy with the research books, and Sarah Vowell and Anthony Bourdain are probably coming on the plane to Oklahoma with me.

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