Friday, December 19, 2008

Once Upon a Christmas

I like reading a Christmas romance or two at this time of year. They're a great way to relax amid the frantic holiday scramble. (A scramble which, incidentally, has been made exponentially worse this year by the weather. We're basically snowed in here, with more on the way tomorrow afternoon, but I've got to find a way to get to the office either tomorrow morning or Monday before I go out of town for two weeks on Tuesday, or else assorted Bad Things will happen. I happen to work atop one of the steepest hills in the city. Fun fun fun.)

Anyway, Diane Farr's Once Upon a Christmas (2000) really hit the spot. A dying duchess in 1817 or thereabouts wants to see her only son suitably married and doesn't trust him to make a wise choice himself, so she takes in an orphaned distant relative to groom to be the perfect duchess. When the son comes home for Christmas, wacky yet poignant hijinks ensue.

This book was re-released this year, so if you're passing through a bookstore on the way to the airport and want a relaxing, seasonal read, this is a good choice. Or, you could always buy it now while it's around and stash it on your to-be-read shelf for next Christmas.


Diane Farr said...

I just tried to post a comment and somehow failed, so if two comments from me show up, please blame's security gremlins. All I said was that I'm glad you enjoyed ONCE UPON A CHRISTMAS ... and that the cover of the current edition is prettier and more Christmasy than the one you have pictured on your website.

So you should really go out and buy yourself a new copy. (shameless self-promotion)

Seriously, thank you very much for the review -- Merry Christmas -- happy reading -- and I wish you success with your writing!


Susan Wilbanks said...

I actually have the newer edition--I just picked the older one for the gallery on my website because I'm nostalgic for the old Signet Regencies!