Sunday, December 10, 2006

Eyes of Crow (Book #104)

It's been a good month of reading for me so far--maybe because I've finally given up reading books I feel like I ought to read for market research and gone back to picking books that intrigue and/or entertain me, regardless of whether or not they're popular, recently published, or in a genre I can see myself writing!

Anyway, my third book this weekend was Eyes of Crow (Jeri Smith-Ready, 2006). It's a fantasy set in a community of villages practicing a kind of animist religion where everyone has a totem animal that provides them with magical powers. Rhia, the heroine, is chosen to her dismay by Crow, who presides over death and dying, and this is a coming of age story about her learning to accept her powers. There's obviously at least one sequel planned, though I'm a bit worried, since the publisher is Luna, and the word is they're pulling away from classic fantasy to focus more on urban fantasy. I hope this series isn't orphaned by the switch, because it's quite good and I want to know what becomes of the characters. I like the worldbuilding, and I'm intrigued by the hints that this is a post-apocalyptic world, possibly even our world long after some kind of cataclysm.

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