Wednesday, December 20, 2006

GH entries arrived today...

As most of y'all reading this undoubtedly already know, I have a 2 1/2-year-old daughter, Annabel. This year for the first time Annabel understands Christmas, and she's really, REALLY into the present part. On two occasions we've come home from our work and her daycare to discover a package waiting on the doorstep containing a gift for her, and since we've never been too strict about waiting for Christmas morning, we've let her open them.

Today my husband picked her up from daycare, and they got home before I find a FedEx box waiting on the doorstep from the RWA National office--the Golden Heart entries I'm to judge. Apparently it took some work on Dylan's part to convince Annabel that it wasn't a present for her, but instead was something for Mommy.

The instant I got inside the door, Annabel pushed the box toward me, saying, "Mommy! A present, for you! Open it."

I did. Annabel looked disappointed and baffled to find that it contained nothing but stacks of manuscript pages--I'm sure she doesn't get why anyone would ship Mommy something Mommy creates plenty of all on her own!

But I'm pleased with my "present." All my entries are in the Young Adult category, and from glancing at them it looks like there's a lot of variety in style and subject matter, so it should be fun.


belmanoir said...

hey cool, i'm judging YA too!

Susan Wilbanks said...

YA was my third choice, behind the canceled Regency category and Short Historical, but I'm happy with it.

Did you enter this year?

On a totally different note, what do you think of John Oliver on the Daily Show? I think he's my new fake news secret boyfriend--he's so adorably rumpled and British.