Wednesday, April 9, 2008

1 Dead in Attic (Book #37)

1 Dead in Attic (Chris Rose, 2006) is a collection of the post-Katrina columns Chris Rose wrote for the Times-Picayune in 2005. And it made me alternately tear up and laugh aloud on the city bus these past few days.

I'm appalled all over again at the sheer level of incompetence and negligence in the government's response to the storm. This is the best my country can do? Really? But I'm pulling hard for New Orleans. It's not my city--I've never even been there, and I'm too much a creature of mountains and cool weather to imagine making it my home. But I completely understand the fierce love its people feel for it, because there's no place like it on earth, and the world would be poorer without it. And I'm fierce myself about Seattle and Philadelphia and London, so I know what it means to have a place in your blood.

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