Thursday, April 3, 2008

Breathe My Name (Book #35)

Breathe My Name (RA Nelson, 2007) is another of my occasional forays into YA fiction. The narrator/heroine Frances comes from as traumatic a past as one could imagine--her mentally unbalanced mother murdered her younger sisters and tried to kill her too. Frances was adopted by normal, if overprotective parents, and almost a decade later is trying to live a normal, anonymous life as a high school junior in a small town. But then she learns her mother has been released to a lower-security mental institution and may be looking for Frances so she can finish what she started. There's the requisite strong-willed best friend and sensitive, quirky boyfriend to help Frances sort out her past and stay safe in the present. It's well-written and kept me turning the pages, though I thought the resolution was possibly a little too tidy.

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