Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Lady's Secret (Book #34)

Not much time to do a review of A Lady's Secret (Jo Beverley, 2008) because I'm tired, tired, tired. But suffice it to say I read it earlier than I'd planned because I spotted the book distributor stocking it at my local QFC yesterday. I was there buying food because I'm recovering from a nasty bug and have been home sick for days, and I really wanted a book that I knew I could trust to be well-written and lovely to curl up on the couch with while I rested. And Jo Beverley delivered as always. It's one of her Georgian romances in the Malloren world, but with a bit of a different feel--it's a road romance, set largely in France, with a rakish hero and a heroine with a checkered past and an uncertain future.

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