Thursday, February 14, 2008

More VeggieTales

So. I'm still on the meat-free wagon; I've just been too busy to post the past few evenings. And I'm still too busy. So I'll just say that the white bean & cornmeal croquettes I made last night were pretty good, though they needed more salt. And that the downside of this whole experiment is getting reminded that when I eat a lot of dairy (we've been cheese-dependent this week), I break out like a teenager. Ugh. Zits.

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Katie said...

I've been a vegetarian for ten years now, and have found myself less and less reliant on cheese. I have had the same problems as you with the Moosewood: bland-o-rama. The later Moosewood books are better, more flavorful & interesting in scope.

best of luck! =^.^=