Friday, February 22, 2008

Service Included (Book #17)

If and when I finally sell my first book, my husband has promised to take me to Canlis or the Herb Farm. If I ever make the NYT bestseller list (extended counts!), I've promised to take him to the French Laundry. So naturally I was intrigued by Service Included (Phoebe Damrosch, 2007), the memoir of a waitress at the French Laundry's NYC sister restaurant, Per Se.

Damrosch's story is of interest to foodies, but not as much so as it could be--the focus was more on the author's personal life and less on the food at Per Se and/or dishing the dirt on its wealthy, famous, and powerful clientele than I expected or wanted. And as for her personal life, girlfriend, if he cheats with you, he'll cheat on you. And even if there are some exceptions to that rule, if he cheats with you, and then cheats on you in the early stages of your relationship before making promises of exclusivity and fidelity...let's just say there's a pattern developing.

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