Thursday, February 7, 2008

VeggieTales, Day 2 (now with added fish)

Breakfast: A muffin. Not the most nutritious meal in the world, but decent quick fuel before heading into a long meeting on my first day at work since Monday.

Lunch: Leftover pasta from last night, eaten at my desk. My big food realization of the day is that I'll only eat the fruit I pack with my lunch when I take my food to the cafeteria (where it's perfectly acceptable to bring in your own food--they even have microwaves set up). At my desk, there's no space that doesn't have papers stacked on it, so any fruit that's capable of squirting juice unpredictably just seems too messy. I also read more when I leave my desk, since there's no internet to surf in the cafeteria. So, I think I've got to stop eating at my desk. Not as good nutritionally or as a use of my time.

Dinner was my adventure. My husband likes fish. I, generally, do not. I make exceptions for really fresh salmon grilled with a good marinade, and once when politeness obliged me to eat catfish I discovered it wasn't half bad, but that's about it. So I wasn't looking forward to tonight's dinner of oven-baked fish and chips. But...amazingly enough, I liked it. The fish, beer-battered pollock fillets, didn't have that overwhelming fishy reek I associate with frozen fish sticks from my elementary school cafeteria. Drizzled with malt vinegar and dipped in ketchup, it was good.

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Anonymous said...

yay! If you get nohing else from this you'll find more food you like