Friday, February 8, 2008

Princess Mia (Book #12)

I never like to call a book a guilty pleasure. I save that for my unholy love of fried potato products of all kinds and for my habit of reading celebrity gossip magazines while in line at the grocery store. But the Princess Diaries series comes close to being a guilty pleasure. Not because they're bad (she says hastily). They're very good, IMHO. But they're very good light reading, designed for girls half my age or younger, with a title character who'd be celebrity gossip magazine fodder if she was real (and one of the trials she endures in the series is seeing her life misrepresented in the tabloids). They're pure fun, and that's all.

Princess Mia (Meg Cabot, 2008) is the ninth outing in a projected ten-book series, and the 16-year-old heroine has to stand on her own feet and display greater maturity than in previous volumes after breaking up with her boyfriend and having a major falling-out with her best friend.

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